Curious to know important reasons for using WordPress in 2022? It is the most frequently asked question in present days. People preferring to convert to the WordPress platform rather than many others is rampant in the market. In the present blog, I will figure out the most important reasons behind this myth. If this question is constantly bubbling in your mind, then you are in the right place. People need to know that when other platforms provide better services, why is there still a need to shift to WordPress? I will point out all those websites you can create using the WordPress platform. Not only this, but also I will relate all those important websites using word press platform.

WordPress as a Blogging Platform

As we know, most blogging websites are built on the WordPress platform. That is the reason for the misconceptions of different people. Who wants to know if it is only used for blogging? The answer is no. Most famous websites are built on WordPress due to their useability and flexibility.

Is WordPress a blogging tool?

The frequently asked question is, WordPress a blogging platform?” The answer is not entirely used as a blogging platform. It is the most convenient and flexible platform for any website. The structures are so fascinating and easy to use that even a beginner can use them properly. Initially, it was introduced as a blogging tool but evolved as a powerful website builder and content management system.

Easy to use and flexible

The most interesting thing about WordPress is the flexible and easy-to-use dashboard. The flexibility of WordPress can be estimated from the fact that 43%of the world’s websites are built on the WordPress platform. This is also the main reason for its getting popularity with every passing day.

Why do Top Brands use WordPress?

Many brands primarily used WordPress as their platform for their business outburst. the factors behind its getting popularity are its interface, which is very accommodative and easy to operate for beginners, which is even a new user can do it easily. the top brand using WordPress for their websites are.




4# The New York Times

1# Why is WordPress free as freedom?

WordPress is a free platform for almost aerating or building any website. You can create an altar or install it for free without paying a penny.

To learn more about how to install a WordPress website, you can read my blog published at you will find a complete and thorough guide for a WordPress installation.

We already know WordPress software is free, yet you require a domain and hosting for creating or building a reliable and authentic website.

What are Domain and Hosting?

A domain is your identification and web address on the internet, which users enter in the browser’s address for searching your website. For example, While web hosting is the space you rented on the server for keeping your web data online. I recommended Hostinger as the best among all prevailing web hosting companies for hosting and domain name. If you want thorough information about domain and hosting, you can read my blog at

How to start word press blog?

Starting a blog on WordPress is very easy, even for beginners. The WordPress interface and supporting teamwork mutually for helping you in building your website blog. Suppose you get stuck at any point in creating the blog; you can read my published blog on how to start a WordPress blog at for thorough guidance.

2# Is WordPress easy to use?

As far as WordPress is concerned, it is effortless and accommodative for its users. Not only is it flexible, but also it provides end-to-end support to its users. Its specialty is that it has a simple dashboard and different menu options in the sidebar. It makes your work easy in creating pages and posts, customizing your website design, adding navigational mode, and many more.

WordPress as a helping hand guides you throughout the process of creating a website. It is easy enough; even a beginner can create a website or blog without technical hiccups.

WordPress updates

WordPress emphasizes updates that are released regularly. It is necessary for any user to keep himself updated relating to them. These can be installed by clicking on the button. The same is applicable to WordPress themes and plugins. The complete guide on how to install WordPress themes and plugins, you must read my blog written on it at WordPress.

WordPress is secure and safe

WordPress is outstanding with many exclusive features which you rarely find in any other platform. It is providing a safe and secure atmosphere for its user, no matter if it’s in the shape of security or backup. There are many plugins of WordPress which are security related and make it foolproof and secure if you install them freely. As the backup of data is concerned it is also secured for WordPress users. They allow you to install an automatic backup setup even at a remote location.

Is it not amazing? You might find it overwhelming at the beginning, but getting acquainted with the setup will bring comfort and ease later on.

3# Why is WordPress completely customizable?

It is observed that most WordPress users of WordPress initially started WordPress because of its flexible and easy setup. These folks did not come with any prior knowledge of web design or programming.

Many opt for this system due to ease and comfort. They even lack the knowledge of how to create a website initially.

For all those non-techy folk, WordPress is taking them in the asylum of awareness and guidance thoroughly by providing a step-by-step guide.

There are thousands of WordPress themes and templates. You can use it as a beginner, which is customizable. If you are seeking guidance about the best elementor themes and templates, you can read my previous blog at

Aside from adding extra functionality, some WordPress plugins can let you transform your website into a completely new platform.

Having to pick from thousands of plugins can be overwhelming, but there are some essential WordPress plugins that we recommend for every website:

  • A contact form plugin so your visitors can reach out to you
  • An analytics plugin so you can see how many visitors you’re getting
  • search engine optimization plugin so you can get more traffic from Google

Then you’ll need to choose more plugins depending on the type of website you’re creating.

To find the best plugin for your needs, you can always search Google and add ‘WPBeginner’ to your search to find our recommendations. Our expert team thoroughly tests every plugin before we recommend it.

4# Is WordPress SEO-friendly?

Yes, we got in touch with its interface. We found it not only friendly but also easy. It is not a myth if one claims to have built a website on the best platform, but without traffic, it is useless. So we can say the WordPress algorithm is built on a search engine. WordPress originated with high-quality semantic codes that are easily accessible to any search engine, which is the main reason for its appreciation and adorability.

For optimizing traffic on your website, we recommend using the WordPress SEO plugin. The most used SEO plugin is (AIOSEO).

5# WordPress is Safe and Secure

No doubt, WordPress is built on the structure of safety and security. The priority is to protect your website from hackers and any malfunctions on behalf of others. WordPress is quite aware of scamming and malware of hackers. That’s why it has built its structure on the base of a security guard. If you have built your site on WordPress, you can install many plugins that only deal with security issues. WordPress has many plugins which are for handling security. One of them is wp beginner, and the other is SUCCRI which protects you from unwanted threats from hackers .you can install free plugins for your site safety.

6# Is Wordpres stay long-lasting?

It looks astonishing that the builder comes and disappears. Why does this happen? This need to be answered. They are not working on a universal approach but instead on targeting random and short-sighted goals. But as far as WordPress is concerned, it is far away from this philosophy. It has built on the structure of universality and needs whatever era is. It comes with customizable features, which is one significant aspect of its exclusivity and popularity.

Moreover, WordPress is an open-source system. It can be handled and maintained by one person or a company. Unfortunately, if it disappears, anyone can relaunch it with a different name within minutes simply by forking its code.

WordPress is a non-profit organization

One of the dark secrets about WordPress is that it is a non-profit organization without a CEO. The word press foundation protects the WordPress name. The primary objective is to make it grow without considering its profitability. WordPress supports and has connected thousands of businesses and a large community. All collective effort to make its stability long-lasting. WordPress has benefited millions of businesses, and its users are worldwide. It functions in 53 languages and provides power to thousands of multilingual websites.

What kind of website can be built on WordPress?

This is the most frequently asked question. WordPress is the most popular system for creating different types of websites. You can create simple websites for yourself, e-commerce websites for businesses,

Here, I mention some website startups you can create on word press plate farm.

  • You can start a blog.
  • By making a business website.
  • Start an online store.
  • By building a membership website.
  • Selling online courses.

I hope this list will help you create a website of any kind while keeping in mind your interests. Not only this, but you will feel more confident in using and building your website. The best way of checking its versatility is to use it.

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