Are you looking to make money online by trading and exchanging currencies? The concept of online currency trading is rapidly growing, and there are plenty of websites that allow you to do so. Rubles are one of the valuable currencies that you can earn and use for trading. In this article, we will introduce you to some of the best websites like ruble where you can get rubles online.

Finding The Best Websites For Rubles

To get rubles online, you need to find the best websites that offer this currency. Some of the most popular websites include Getlike, Coloriba, Ipweb, and Million. However, before choosing any website, you need to consider several factors such as the website’s features, where you will get the rubles, what you have to do to earn them, and what is the minimum withdrawal.

7 Best Websites Like Ruble

Now let’s get to the main aspect of this article. Let’s take a look at what are the websites that pay in rubles for a like, comment, or follow on a picture and video.

1. GetLike

Getlike - Earnings and get likes, followers on Instagram TikTok, Twitter

This is one of the most popular websites for earning money through liking and commenting. It is definitely a sure website. There is a reason why it comes up as Number 1 when you search for websites like Ruble. If you’re looking for ways to earn some extra money online, you might want to consider using social media platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter. By liking, reposting, following, commenting, and voting on posts and stories, you can earn Rubles on a particular website.

Aside from earning Rubles by engaging with social media content, you can also earn more by joining the affiliate program and inviting others to participate. Affiliates can earn up to 50% of the money earned by their referrals, and some affiliates earn over 10,000 Rubles a day.

Once you’ve earned some Rubles, you can easily claim them on the website’s dashboard and request a withdrawal to your PayPal or bank account. With a low minimum payout threshold of just 100 Rubles, it’s easy to reach and withdraw your earnings.

To help you get started, here are some noteworthy features of the website:

  1. Multiple Social Media Platforms: You can earn Rubles by engaging with content on Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter, giving you more opportunities to earn money.
  2. Easy Withdrawals: With a low minimum payout threshold of just 100 Rubles, it’s easy to withdraw your earnings to PayPal or your bank account.
  3. Affiliate Program: By inviting others to participate, you can earn even more money through the website’s affiliate program. Affiliates can earn up to 50% of the money earned by their referrals.
  4. Dashboard: The website’s dashboard allows you to easily track your earnings and claim your Rubles every 1-2 days.

2. vktarget

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This is another website that helps you earn money through social media. The best feature of VkTarget is that you can make a withdrawal when you have only 15 rubles in your wallet. Vktarget is another website similar to Ruble where you can earn money by engaging with social media content. Specifically, you can earn Rubles by liking, reposting, commenting, and voting on Instagram posts and stories through the Vktarget mobile application.

While the app is not available on the Google Play Store, it can be downloaded from other sources with a link provided on their website. Once you have earned money on Vktarget, there are several options available for withdrawing your earnings.

Moreover, Vktarget also offers an affiliate program that allows users to earn an extra 15% commission on advertising revenue or completed tasks by referring others to the platform. This program can significantly boost your earnings potential on Vktarget.

3. Colorlib

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This website is a bit different than the previous two on our list. Why? Because unlike liking and commenting on GetLike, you have to play a lottery.

Colorlib is a web development company that offers free and premium website templates and themes. They specialize in creating templates for various platforms and content management systems, including WordPress, Bootstrap, and HTML/CSS.

Their free templates and themes are known for their high quality, clean design, and ease of use. They also offer premium themes with more advanced features and customization options. These templates are designed to help users create professional-looking websites quickly and easily, even if they have little to no web development experience.

Colorlib also provides a range of web development tutorials and resources on its website. These resources cover topics such as HTML/CSS, JavaScript, WordPress, and web design. They are aimed at both beginners and experienced developers and are designed to help users improve their web development skills and create better websites.

4. Ipweb

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If you are looking for a website that will help you earn rubles from social media, Ipweb is a great place to start. Go ahead and make a user on this website. Ipweb is a website that provides an opportunity for users to earn Rubles by liking and commenting on social media platforms. It is a great place to start if you are looking to make money from social media.

To begin earning on Ipweb, you will need to create a user account on the website. Once you have signed up, you will be able to access social media platforms through the website and complete simple tasks such as liking and commenting on posts.

One of the benefits of using Ipweb is the low minimum withdrawal amount, which is just 5 Rubles. This means that you can easily withdraw your earnings once you have reached the minimum threshold.

5. Millions


Million is a unique website for earning money online by mining different currencies, including rubles. It is similar to Ruble in terms of being a currency-focused website, but the way it works is different. Users are required to perform tasks to mine rubles and other currencies, which is why Million is becoming increasingly popular among online earners.

One of the best features of Million is the variety of currencies available to mine, which sets it apart from other similar websites. Moreover, the website sets the minimum withdrawal limit at just 50 rubles, making it easy for users to cash out their earnings.

6. Socpublic


Socpublic is an established website for earning money online by watching ads. While it may seem monotonous, many people are willing to watch ads for rubles.

To start earning on Socpublic, you’ll need to watch several ads. The longer you watch, the more rubles you’ll earn. The minimum withdrawal amount is 9 rubles. Despite the straightforward concept of the site, Socpublic remains a popular choice for those looking to earn money online.

7. Surfearner

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SurfEarner is a browser extension that enables users to earn rubles by viewing promotional banners and completing tasks. The process is straightforward: install the extension, browse the web as usual, and get paid for viewing advertisements.

By using SurfEarner, you can effortlessly earn extra money just by doing something you already do every day – surfing the internet.