Web Hosting is actually an online service that enables your website data accessible to visitors on the internet. When you buy a hosting plan it means you are renting space on a physical server that will store all your data files. This is a technology of provides resources for effective website operation. The web service provider has the responsibility of keeping the server functional. They have taken security and privacy of transferring files, photos, and text to the visitor’s browser. In this article, I will let you know how web hosting works and what types of web hosting are available.

How does Web Hosting work?

This is how the server is acting as a host for your website and is serving a physical computer that keeps running continually and makes the website visible to visitors. When you buy server hosting it will surely allow you to store all data of your website on the server you have rented. In this process when a user enters a domain name into the address bar the web host server will upload all necessary files to the website. Hosting a website yourself requires technical skills. Self-hosting is quite technical work including, setting up and configuring web server along with maintaining hard and software as well. A good web hosting service ensures your website works optimistically and with better security. it also facilitates in simplifying many complex aspects of website software installation and support in technical help.

Types of Web Hosting Services

There are many website hosting service providers in the market. It is actually quite difficult to select among those which one is best per your need. Numerous web hosts are offering different packages which are both for business and for personal blogs. Initially, it is suggested to start from a simple one then gradually you can upgrade your site to an advanced level. Here we have brought for you the most popular web hosting types.

Shared web hosting

This type of hosting has multiple users sharing the same service resources. This may include storage space and memory and memory processing power. The only reason for its popularity is its simplicity and affordability. It is seen shared hosting is an excellent option for small businesses and personal blog websites. The reason is they don’t need advanced configuration and higher bandwidth. So; we can say it is an affordable and best available choice for beginners, as the other things have many advantages and disadvantages at the same time this also have, let’s see what are those;
• It is ideal for small businesses and is cost-effective.
• No need for technical experts.
• It has pre-configured options.
• It is hazel free from maintenance and server administration.
• Offering very limited access to server configuration.
• Heavy traffic on other websites can affect your website speed.

Virtual Private Server Hosting (VPS)

This web hosting type also shares a physical server with other users bun this web, hosts create a virtual partition for each user. So, in this way, a site hosted on a virtual server can get a lot of resources. VPS hosting can be a great option for medium-sized sites, rapidly growing blogs, and e-commerce stores. This hosting also has both advantages and disadvantages. Here are given these.
• It is providing dedicated space.
• There is no effect on your site in case of heavy traffic on other websites.
• Having root access to the server.
• Offering high customization.
• There is a need for technical experts In the case of management.
• It is relatively affordable, but in many cases, users require a developer to manage the virtual server which indirectly increases cost.

Cloud Hosting

In this web hosting several virtual servers are being used. The purpose is if one server is not performing well in case of heavy traffic on other websites then the other server automatically takes the action and your site will not be affected. Cloud hosting is a type of cluster website server. They work in cooperation collectively. It is the best choice for businesses having multiple websites and e-commerce shops. it also has some pros and cons;
• Minimal downtime and hardware failure.
• Balancing high traffic and preventing DDoS attacks.
• It provides scalability by not relying on limited resources.
• Limited accessibility provided
• It is expensive as compared to VPS and shared hosting.

WordPress Hosting

This CMS Web hosting service is ideal for optimizing the server environment which helps your site is loading faster and can minimize potential issues. This type of web hosting preferably works on a CMS-type web system. Word press is well known for its feature of pre-installation, themes, and plugins for coaching and security purpose. it also offers other tools as well.


• It is low cost and beginner’s friendly.
• The performance is optimized for word press sites.
• Providing customer support team for solving issues.
• It is labeled with pre-installed plugins and themes.
• This is not an ideal web hosting other than word press websites.

Dedicated Hosting;

This is an independent dedicated system that ensures a complete ongoing physical server for any website. These provide you with complete control of configuring the server by choosing your desired operating system. This also makes sure customization of your hosting environment according to specification. This is a powerful action of having your own site server, but this also has the responsibility of a trained professional team. So; we can say a dedicated hosting type is ideal for large online businesses which have heavy traffic.
As we have seen many other web hosting have drawbacks as well this also has.
You will enjoy complete control over the server configuration.
• Offering high reliability.
• Complete access to the server.
• This is extremely expensive and is designed for large businesses.
• Technical professional support team needed.

How to Choose the Best Web Hosting Service Provider?

The following things must be in your mind while selecting web hosting provider services. As your business grows rapidly it needs to be shifted to an advanced level. That has more space, additional bandwidth, and other types of resources as well. In this situation, you will definitely consider migrating to an advanced-level hosting solution that may be cloud hosting or VPS.
Meanwhile, this is also considered of seeing what web hosting provider offers you. If that is consisting of a variety of Hosting, it will be best in case of shifting your site to an advanced upgrade level. There are many other factors also kept in mind while deciding about web hosting services.

Importance of control panel

The hosting control panel enables you to manage to host account without logging in to the web server. So, it is equally important to go with a web hosting server that provides you with an easily manageable interface. That can be used for all kinds of work. The control panel will help you in managing files, creating a full backup, and also fasciitis in installing associated applications.

Web Hosting uptime

Poorly maintained service and unstable server performance can lead to a bad impact on a website. If the downtime is frequently happening it is alarming for your business. so it is necessary while choosing a web hosting to give you guaranteed uptime.
An uptime is indirectly a guarantee of fairness in dealing with and maintaining the hosting provider company’s reputation.it is also an indication of keeping their system running and up to date.

Technical specification insurance

Similarly, technical professional support is also an integral part of any web hosting service provider company. likewise, you see space bandwidth, processing power, and many other things to help your website runs smoothly and quickly.

Online reviews

Before taking any web hosting server service it is necessary to take a look at reviews of that concerned company. This will help you a lot in taking the right decision. Online reviews mostly tell about hosting uptime and speed along with a lot of information about that web hosting service. All the information taken will help you in finding the appropriate company.


Another important thing to keep in mind is web hosting security services. It is equally important whether the web hosting company provides you with DDoS attack-free service or not. The second thing also needs to be checked by the company including access to malware detection, updates, and automated backups.

24/7 customer support

For an excellent hosting service it is important whether it is facilitating round-the-clock customer technical support or not. This must be as much speed as the website faces any breaches, unexpected lags, crashes, or uneven security issues, There will be immediate customer support to help out timely.

Additional services added

Additional services are an exclusive part of any web hosting service Provider Company’s credit. A great company offers excellent value for money which may be in the case of SSL certificates, content delivery networks, and business email accounts.


There are a lot of things that need consideration in selecting a web hosting service. No matter whether it is a blog or online business, the first step is your constant online presence by signing up for a hosting account. Web hosting service enables your website to remain available online. It is exclusively important to know, which type of web hosting you preferably select for online presence. As we came to know each web hosting has some pros and cons so the most effective must be selected. The best selection leads to flourishing business and getting online attention.

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