The question that crawls in my mind is why is WordPress gaining so much popularity day by day? The very thing that makes me feel excited is that it may be the strongest cms system or have a strong user support system. There must be many other characteristics that make this the most demanded CMS system in the world.

WordPress Definition

WordPress is a content management system that works for building websites. Either it is modification or maintenance of the website.

It is also noticed that the world’s most popular content management system is WordPress. Every 2nd website is built on WordPress. Ironically, WordPress covers almost 65.2%of websites whose content management system is built on WordPress. That is quite an amazing aspect of the modern world.

Four Factors of the Popularity of WordPress

Free: One of the biggest value additions is its free version. Although it is necessary to get hosting and a domain before being able to use it, the WordPress platform is entirely free for users.

Flexibility: WordPress is such an amazing platform that comes with flexibility and customization. No matter if you are going to start a blog or have plans to build an e-commerce store. What does WP offer you there are many options for plugins and themes, which are available in the official WordPress library?

Scalable platform: WordPress has multiple diversity in handling any kind of website. No matter what the size of the website is? Once you have started your work on the WordPress platform, there is no need to migrate from one resource to another. This adorable feature is one big reason for its popularity.

The platform is easy to use: As far as its usage is concerned, it is relatively easy as compared to coding a website. WordPress is significantly easier. Coding is a pre-existing option. It still has a beautiful, attractive, functional interface.

If you are encountering difficulty in understanding what WordPress is? and how it works. In this article, I’ll go in-depth and thoroughly try my best to justify the said topic. Here I’ll cover all the essential questions you have in your mind regarding the topic.

The Difference Between and

When you are searching for WordPress on Google, you come across two websites.

That is a little confusing for beginners who are not familiar with WordPress. As you know, both have the same name and branding, but there is a difference regarding the purpose and target audience.

What is

The home of the free content management system software of WordPress used to run a self-hosted version is called

To build a self-hosted website, you first have to register a domain and purchase a web hosting plan. Whichever hosting plan you are about to select is entirely your choice. It will directly affect your website’s performance.

Additionally, the power of the server also plays a vital role in enhancing your website’s performance, and it also depends on the plan you have taken. The self-hosted version is quite favorable in empowering you and exercising best work. The users have to look up and install any WordPress theme even though they have created it themselves. The self-hosted version is suitable for those who demand customization flexibility and want to scale their website in the future for earnings.

What is

Similarly, is a hosting company that assists users in building websites while using the WordPress content management system for websites. Here, is acting like a builder in supporting your website. As we know, it acts like a host, so there is a strong management system for the web that is for storing users’ websites on a server.

All those users who want to get free service first have to sign up with a domain name, for example,

If you are interested in custom domains, the upgrade level is your available option. The free user version comes with some limitations. You can’t install any theme or plugin in it. So we can say the hosted WordPress version is the best opportunity for users who want to explore quickly and are eager to know more and more. The version I have has versatility and functionality.

What are the Best WordPress Features?

WordPress is one of the best content management systems that is liberated with features. The following praise-worthy features are part of the WordPress system.

Admin Dashboard and Settings

The WordPress dashboard is a well-known platform for the admin area. It acts as the mainstream for allowing contributors and administrators to make modifications to the WordPress theme and perform efficient maintenance.

The easiest way of accessing the default WP dashboard is to get your and then log in. A user name and password are needed for this and that is the same as what you inserted during installation.

The forceful effects of Admin include those which you need for website management. These include the content editor; theme customizer; plugins; and widgets. We will discuss all of them step by step in detail. The WordPress dashboard is showing flexibility in changing the slug and disabling comments.

Content Editor

The role of content editor or text editor is enviable while discussing the functionality of WordPress. It is the place where you can change, alter, and modify posts and publish them simultaneously. If you are already familiar with WordPress processors like Microsoft Word, then this function will be a breeze for you.

The new version of Gutenberg’s editor is even making content creation easier. Keep in mind that if you are using the free version of WordPress, then your customization options will be limited.

WordPress themes are generally robust and functional. Installing a page builder plugin is more efficient and precise for an intuitive design process.

Theme Customizer

The theme editor or customizer allows users to customize their current theme or design template. Users can make various changes, such as uploading a logo, customizing the navigation menu, and setting a custom homepage.

Every theme has different degrees of customization. Keep in mind that if you install a free theme, the customization options will likely be limited. Premium WordPress themes generally offer robust customization, functionality, and support.

Consider installing a page builder plugin for a more seamless and intuitive design process. Page builders add drag-and-drop functionality to the theme editor that’s great for beginners. Some examples of page builder plugins are Elementor and Beaver Builder.

Plugins and Widgets

Plugins act as an additional exclusive feature of WordPress. There is an option of adding more functions by installing plugins that are not pre-existing. Many of them are created and installed by developers within the WordPress community. You can also create your own.

There are almost 58,000 plugins available in the official directory. Different plugins perform different functions; some are specially used for speeding up websites or securing your sites. Others are designed to increase search engine optimization.

Here are some of the best WordPress plugins to install on WordPress:

  • WooCommerce is an open source plugin used for e commerce functionality.
  • Visual composer. This is drag and drop plugins which is simply used for designing WordPress website.
  • Yoast SEO. This is an indicator for seo text editor which helps rank higher in search engine results.
  • Wordfence Security. It is a security firewall for your website by protecting it from malware ,spam and other malicious attacks.

No doubt, widgets play a key role in smart and strong website building. These are additional features for content editors. Hence, WordPress offers many default features such as archives, galleries and recent posts. There is still the option of installing more which is entirely dependent on the user’s choice.


WordPress is generously offering free and premium WordPress plugins and themes for your website. Free plugins offer an initial type of practicality, while paid plugins lead to more advanced functionality.

What Kind of Websites Can I Create With WordPress?

  • Blogs
  • Portfolios
  • Business Websites
  • Charity Websites
  • Online Store

WordPress is worldly recognized platform for website building and propagation. It has great versatility and diversity, with a packed feature set. Some of them I will discuss below;


It was the first worldly famous feature of wordPress which is related to creative content creation. Since that time, up till now, it has been gaining popularity. Starting a blog on your website can give you many benefits. It is a spontaneous flow of expression of ideas and is a way of connectivity. This has also become a source of generating money online. Creating a successful blog depends on many factors. It is essential to choose the right niche and keywords. It is good to write quality content if you want to rank a blog in the future. Furthermore, it needs proper promotion and a suitable blog theme.


Portfolios are a way of making an online quick presence. They are used mainly by artists, musicians, and creative professionals as it is a form of social proof of their online presence and recruitment. The portfolios make them quick to access and significantly add value to their work, helping them land jobs and projects. WordPress has a versatile offering of profitable themes, and all are available in the official WordPress directory. If you want to get advanced, then you need to head for the premium version with extra accessibility.

Business Websites

Today, the world is ironically relying on online business ideas. No doubt, it will make and bring revolutionary progress in business earnings if the startup is taken wisely. WordPress is a platform that offers multiple websites built on business ideas with ravishing themes. Creating a business website is quite straightforward with a variety of themes.

Charity Websites

WordPress is used due to its effectiveness and reliability. One of its fundamental factors is its low cost and ease of maintenance. Furthermore, the donation plugin makes it easier and more desirable for users.

Online Store

It is the most amazing and revolutionary feature of WordPress to endorse you with business ideas, no matter what they are. Here you will be given e-commerce store availability using the most popular WordPress e-commerce plugins. Woo-commerce is the most popular plugin labeled with crucial e-commerce online store features like add-to-cart, checkout pages, one-click refund, marketing tools, etc.

Popular Sites Using WordPress

The New Yorker


Sony Music

The White House



To summarize the blog, I just concluded that WordPress is the most used website builder and content management system globally. The reasons behind this, are its powerful built-up structure, themes, and plugins which every user assumed to be there while having encountered them. Many websites are trustfully using WordPress hosting and domains worldwide due to its strong support system.


What Is WordPress FAQ

How Does WordPress Work?

WordPress runs on a database system that allows you to add, modify, and organize files, themes, plugins, and all types of content. Each WordPress user has access to the dashboard to manage their website in one place. 

Is WordPress Good for Freelancing?

WordPress is perfect for freelancers because it is affordable to set up and provides opportunities to scale your website or business. A lot of freelancers using WordPress earn $3,000 to $15,000 for every project they take. 

What Is the Difference Between WordPress and a Website?

WordPress is a platform that provides you with the tools to create a website. A website is a collection of web pages where you publish your content on a server. 

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