The term digital marketing usually refers to the use of the digital channel to market your product or services to access customers.  This method of marketing involves the appropriate use of Websites, mobile devices, the power of social media search engines, and other similar channels. Digital marketing became one of the popular mediums of marketing products and services with the invention of the internet in the 1990s.

What is the difference between traditional marketing and digital marketing?

There is obviously not very much difference between the methods. Digital marketing also revolves around the same techniques as the ancient .some of the principles and strategies in modern and traditional marketing are still used effectively in grasping the customer.

The importance of understanding digital marketing

As we have already know digital marketing is slightly different from conventional, as it includes all the mediums of the internet whether, it is mobile devices, Google search engines, or any other ways of accessing customers’ to market your product or service. This type of marketing is exclusively done on websites. So, making it effectively works a combination of surveys, sales, and the understanding of the behavioral approaches of customers. The procedure is normally undertaken by professionals and experts who have to keep a deep eye on the market and work in collaboration with internally (for companies) or externally with other firms.

  • In the old days, corporations focused on marketing through print media, television, and doubt, these mediums are still in use today but the invention of the internet boost the way of marketing by reaching the consumers firstly .reliability on technology and new trends forced companies to adopt the latest one. email marketing was the foremost way of marketing in the early days of marketing that later shifted to search engine Netscape, which led businesses to tag and keyword stuff to get themselves this way, Facebook also played a vital role in propagating sharing sites which eventually led companies to track data to catch customer trends.
  • Later on, a smartphone is also an enviable fact along with other digital devices making it much easier for companies to market their product and services as well. In recent research, it is clearly shown that 70%people make the decision of buying any product via using a smartphone.

Special consideration in digital marketing

In any business initiation, the thing must be in mind is your receiver .which kind of people you are going to target, what is their area of interest does matter a lot. What kind of special approach they intended to do is need to identify. Sources frequently target specific, well-defined receivers.

This can be explained by the example of expanding the late-night hours. different companies promote their business by keeping ken interest in hours and time management .fast food restaurant Mc Donald’s specifically targeted shift workers and travelers with the help of digital ads because the company knows very well as these people made up a large segment of the late-night business. The company helps them to download the restaurant app along with an automated teller machine, and gas filling station which its customer frequently used.

What are digital marketing channels?

As we have already known in old days, the marketing was most probably done through print media, television, and radio, the medium of marketing still exists these days, but with the evolution in technology the approach to targeting the audience is slightly changed and it is constantly changing with every passing day.

The most commonly used medium in propagating marketing is the following which is considered the most reliable in the current scenario. these channels do not only have better authenticity but are also found most focused and reliable digital marketing .here in describing each one by one

1: Web marketing

This is known as the central figure of all digital marketing is a magnificently powerful channel on its own, but it is also required to be executed in a variety of online marketing campaigns. The primary and essential feature of any website should be its friendly use, demonstrating the brand, product, or services clearly and briefly, moreover, it also needed to be user-friendly, fast, and trustworthy.

2: Functionality of pay-per clicking

This model of digital marketing most probably works on paid campaign, in which the advertiser targets multiple platforms of the internet for example; Google, Bing, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, or meta Facebook and show their ads to people searching specific targeted keyword related to that product, brand or service. The most amazing thing about

3: The power of content marketing

Content marketing as being an effective potential-oriented tool targeting the audience by content, which is usually published on websites and then is promoted through social media, email marketing, search engine optimization, or PPC campaign. The content includes blogs, podcasts, webinars, e-books, and infographics as well.

4: Email marketing

Email marketing is the most effective functioning medium even these days. This is being done via emails to different companies engaging them with your brand or services you are going to this way the c, the companies collaborated with potential customers proving powerful asset afterwords.

5: Social media marketing

Social media marketing frameworks work on building trust between brand and customer. In this way of marketing, continually posting and tweeting on social media channelize the audience which later on results in the better sale of your brand or service

6: Affiliate marketing

As being the oldest form of marketing incorporates new trends, in this way marketing influencer promote other people’s product and get a commission on every sale being promoted by him .many well–known companies use affiliate programs that pay millions of dollars to the website which sell their product.

7: Most powerful video marketing

In the modern era, the most powerful tool is video marketing in the world. Millions of users turn to YouTube before making the decision of buying any product because, they know this will help them by reviews, providing information, or something effective learning. Multiple video marketing platforms including Facebook videos, Instagram, and TikTok is using the video campaign effectively.


To sum up, we came to know technology has entirely changed the conventional ways of marketing your brand or old days print media, television, and radio were considered effective tools for marketing and grasping customers but nowadays with the evolution of the internet the medium has much changed, people prefer to make the decision to buy any product or service rely on the information provided on digital marketing.

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