Ironically speaking, when we are talking about SEO-friendly content it is simply the meaning of optimizing your written content in such a way that is not only high in quality but also helps in ranking and searched is true, that SEO strategy in organizing your website requires time, and is also an undeniable fact that properly organized and strategically optimized content brings your website in quae of the most searched content-oriented one. Although it needs time and effort simultaneously yet the result is most relishing.
Here we are going to discuss some enviable facts regarding SEO strategy which will astonish you.

What is SEO?

Ranking of web pages in the organic search result is a process of search engine optimization which also helps in improving appearance. This method actually belongs to optimizing the effectiveness of content in search engine which probably result in the high-ranked content-oriented website as its contemporary which are targeting the same term for the time being.

Here I am going to mention some tips which will help you in writing SEO-optimized content.

1) keywords searched:

The foremost thing in writing SEO-optimized content is your proper utilization of the most searched keyword regarding that content that is being searched on the search engine. Keywords are literally considered the heart of SEO. That’s why it is important to do proper research before writing a blog, which must target those prescribed keywords and phrases. Along with the keywords and searched terms associated with content there is also a need of targeting the search volume of that specific word and variation also. For locating the most demanding keywords some tools are proving beneficial. This will help you in associating content with similar keywords which are the primary support for the main target keyword. It will help in optimizing content and rank better in search engine results.

2) Structure of content:
content is king

The structure is the core of content creation which help in improving, for writing an optimized blog it has to be divided into a small paragraph. Identify the main part. This division will help you in working on each part separately and keep the reader’s interest in touch. A blog mainly consists of three parts, introduction, climax or main body, and finally conclusion. For optimization of content, short paragraphs are an excellent strategy. The use of different format options will improve the readability of content and make it more engaging for readers.

3) Eye-catching headlines:

The hooking title plays an important role in grasping the attention of the reader. For high-quality content it is equally prestigious to come up with attractive headlines as the reader must have an idea of what blog is about he is reading. Optimization of headlines in SEO will increase the chances of ranking on the search engines.

Some basic tips for headlines are given below;
1) Use the main target keyword at the beginning of the headline.
2) The headline will consist of sixty or fewer characters.
3) It must depict the post content.
4) Using SEO-optimized URLs.

4) Using SEO optimized URLs:
Use SEO-optimized URLs

Accurate usage of optimized URLs helps in website ranking at the top of the search engine. This is actually the result of attracting targeted traffic and providing of better user experience. A good URL must consist of precise keywords and titles without indulging unnecessary must be meaningful, simple, and relevant to the post content.

5) SEO- optimized Meta Description:
SEO- optimized Meta Description:

The Meta description is a basic summary of given content which consist of 155 characters. Search engines mostly use this title when the searched phrase is written whit in the description. That’s the reason for optimizing meta description and it is enviable fact to encourage readers of clicking on your blog post. A precise attractive meta description usually consists of 155 to 160 characters, Which also has a targeted keyword and also matches the content of the post. It also helps in convincing readers that the post shows the best result of the search.

6) Internal linking:
Internal linking

SEO strategy importantly relies on optimizing internal linking. This is an important way of creating a healthy SEO helps search engines to identify the relevant website to give the best result to readers. Search engine ranking will be improved by adding quality links to your content.

7) Tracking of content success:

SEO is a constantly evolving process, It is as much important to measure and track your content success as it is to write is for knowing whether your strategy is working or not, You have to monitor organic traffic by using different analytics tools, These tools will help in tracking your success and will identify areas of opportunity. Getting familiar with what strategy will work will improve content over time. There are many parameters to track for aiming for better content. Following those is no wastage of time. That is actually a process of keeping an eye to know whether your blog is on the right relevant track or not .this ensures your effort is in the right direction with a positive impact online.

8) Staying updated on SEO news:
Staying updated on SEO news

No doubt search engine like any other field is developing dynamically. so it is enviable to remain updated regarding current trends and practices. This will definitely improve your content.

Here are given some tips for staying on top of SEO trends that will help you a lot;
1) Make sure you have subscribed leading SEO blog, newsletter, and emails.
2) Preferably listening to podcasts.

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