If you’re looking for the best image optimizer WordPress plugin that’s free and doesn’t interfere with actual excellence, you’ve come to the right place. I’ll give you a quick rundown of the best WordPress-free image optimizer, which will significantly help you in the long run.

 As you know, using different types of imaging can disturb image quality. On the other side, image visualization, advertising, and portraying way too much information given in the content are the best ways to let the audience know what you want to deliver. But here arises the problem of using too many image plugins, which ultimately disturb actual image quality and prove disadvantageous in different ways.

Slowing down the WordPress Site:

The one obvious drawback is it slows down your site speed and directly loss the qualitative user experience. All this usually happens with the excessive use of image optimizer plugins. So here I came up with the best image optimizer that will work efficiently without disturbing site speed and user experience. Here! we go

Why do you need WordPress.com image optimizer plugins?

I have come across the following best image optimizers:

  • Optimal
  • Imagify
  • Tiny PNG
  • EWWW Image Optimizer
  • Shortpixel Image Optimizer
  • Imsanity
  •  Wp Compress

Why do I need WordPress image optimizer plugins?

The first thing noticeable is that it decreases the server’s space, and secondly, numerous images in one post can take a lot of time to upload to the site. This is not good for the user experience of those who landed on your site. It will lose his interest if he has to wait a long time. Fast loading time is directly related to a site’s ranking on search engines. There is some image optimizer software to help in this context. But it is quite another job to become an expert in them. To pique your interest, I recommend WordPress optimizer plugins that will work flawlessly on a WordPress site. These are used in image resizing and image extension. All this will be done by activating them.

Following the best WordPress image optimizer is noticeable.

1) Optimal

This is one of the best WordPress image optimizers that perfectly resize images without visually altering them. It.means the image looks just the same, only the size of that will be smaller. It can resize, compress,  and server images via CDN in any selected location. One more additional feature makes it work on autopilot. This means you just once need to install it, and it will do all jobs itself further. Although you can monitor and handle it actively through a modern and user-friendly interface.

Optimal provides three additional premium plans to help you view more bandwidth, CDN location, disk space, and a custom CNAME.

The following are the key features of optimal.

  • It serves images via CDN, covering more than 110 servers worldwide.
  • It has automatic customization abilities. This Distinguishing best image optimizer WordPress plugin primarily serves in image compressing and optimizing them .this award-winning plugin can compress the image with less effect of original quality.

One distinguishing feature is that image optimization will not occur on your server, which will drop the load on the website. The plugin can scan all images on your website, monitor future uploads, and quickly extract unnecessary data from the images, which is entirely automatically optimized.

  • It can allow you to optimize images on different networks, which helps in easy compression without global and individual settings.

2) Imagify

As the most potent tool for WordPress image optimization available on the web, the plugin allows you to use three different methods of image compression with varying degrees of image size and quality change. It is interesting to know that it also lets you optimize thumbnails and retina images. It is pretty compatible with WP Retina x2, WOO Commerce, and many other media galleries simultaneously. The tool comes with a delete option and can save and backup images if you are unsatisfied with the image optimization.

This is a high-level beginner, and the user-friendly plugin comes with the promise of getting all the things done you need. 

It has the following distinguishing key features:

  • It has lossless and ultra-lossy image compression algorithms for different image sizes.
  • It has automatic image resizing and backup and restoring features.
  • It is very supportive of PNF, JPG, and GIF formats.
  • At the same time, provide multisite support.
  • It resizes the images before uploading.

3) TinyPNG

Is an online tool yet available as the free WordPress image optimization and compression plugin? Speed comes with the ability to compress without affecting the overall site, Itimages.edu. It is indeed helpful in automatic image optimization of newer upload files, along with bulk optimization of older images. The most beneficial point is that it preserves metadata, creation date, copyrights information, and GPS location. It enables you to monitor compression and statistics by using dashboard widgets. Not only this, but it also optimized color profiles. It can convert images to a standard RGB color profile to conserve space and enhance compatibility.

 It has the following noticeable key features.

  • Free size image optimization
  • It gives protection to copyrighted data. The creation date and GPS location are preserved after conversion.
  • It strongly supports PNG and GIF formats.
  • It can support multiple sites simultaneously through a single AI key.

It provides dashboard widgets to monitor usage and compression statistics.

4) EWWW Image Optimizer

It is indeed helpful in improving website reception and popularity by compressing the image. These WordPress plugins allow you to compress images at the best compression ratio for PNG, JPG, GIF, and PDF files. Furthermore, it automatically corrects the image compression, depending on the file format. The plugin is entirely free and comes with site protection via SSL.

Besides, it would be best to choose between image optimization on your images with essential retina support and lossless compression.

  •  It also compresses images from plugins, offline buddy avatars, and meta slider slides.
  • CDN Gives another support in uploading on cloud services.

5) Shortpixel Image Optimizer

This is the best free image optimizer WordPress plugin available. As a GDPR-ready plugin, it is lightweight and prominently carries the automation concept. The best thing about it is to install it once and forget. It will resize the older images as well as the newer ones. The best part about how it works is that it requires a few resources to install the OAD on your server, making it ideal for shared cloud networks, VPS, and another web hosting. It also helps you optimize images, whether they are in media libraries or any image sent through FTP.

Besides this, bulk optimization is also accessible (i. If you think it does not meet expectations, you can quickly check the quality with farms platforms like WebP, WP Retina 2x, Woo Commerce, and image galleries.

  • Multi-site integration through a single API key.
  • Watermarking plugins.

6) Imsanity

This is another very beneficial free WordPress image optimizer that automatically resizes the file, whatever size you have uploaded. It is so functional that whatever size or quality you upload will adjust according to the requirements. The more exciting thing is that whenever a contributor uploads an image on the site, insanity will scale it to its actual configured size and convert it to the original one. It also helps you resize the images you have previously uploaded and restore the built-in image function. Available in multiple languages.

7) Wp Compress

This is another attention-grabbing free WordPress image optimizer plugin. It is indeed an all-in-one image optimizer that automatically reduces the image size and shrinks file sizes on a WordPress site, which helps the site load and improves conversion. Further, it is so suited to the user’s device that it can adequately adjust as required for the format without affecting the quality of the image. It also sustains and generates Retina images whenever needed to support devices. This provides users with a supportive high-resolution experience. It can be functional by simply linking the site in action. All the maintenance is done on its own. You don’t need to worry. Its premium ultra-high-speed infrastructure promises a load time is 7ms.

 Promises features:

  • Comes with live image optimization.
  • Ultra mode with lossless There is high compression available.
  • It avoids the over-compression of images.
  • Available at one click, extravagant optimization, and storage.
  • Provides regular updates.

Wrapping it up:

You have provided information about different free WordPress image optimizer tools that can be helpful for your website. It is indeed challenging to find the best one that fulfills the criteria of your website requirements, as I have briefly discussed each plugin’s features and detail. Yet it needs to be exercised practically. All those mentioned plugins have distinguishing features, but the sole purpose is identical. Each is to resize and crop the image as needed without disturbing the quality.

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