Are you stuck at a 9 to 5 job that you are not like, right? And hate wasting your precious time? If you want to earn money to work from home, why not do it online? I mean that the internet is the top-tier money-making machine of the 21st century.

In this blog, I will talk about the 10 best websites to make 100$ per day. Some of these websites definitely won’t take your 8 hours a day.

So let’s start the countdown. I was hoping you could look at what I have for you in this video.

1. 99designs

99designs is an online freelance platform that allows designers and clients to work together. What are you waiting for if you are creative and good at graphic design? This platform is best for you. To get started, you will choose from over 90 different types of design work designers of all kinds who can find their niche and art style. Then you will post a brief description and proposal for the project you need to complete. Freelancers can also work collaboratively with others on a project with the client. You can earn 100$ per day or more based on your skill level, work quality, and experience.

2. Textbroker

Textbroker is a freelance website for content or article writers. They test freelance writers for quality content and then give you access to many product descriptions, web copy, blog writing, copywriting, and other writing jobs. Signing up as a writer is fully free; verify your U.S citizenship and submit a recent writing sample. The site also handles the payment and features a project management tool to make working with clients easy.

Textbroker follows first come, first serve; you can get a job easily by jumping into an open order which is good because you don’t have to “sell” a client on hiring you first.

3. Kindle Direct Publishing

Nowadays, ebooks are very easy to promote. You can put your ebook on your website for sale and sell it through amazon. Kindle is an amazon website that allows you to upload a free ebook and then publish it on amazon. Here you can make a passive income from selling your ebooks on amazon.

4. Amazon Affiliate

Amazon affiliate is an affiliate marketing program. They advertise amazon products on their blogs and websites by creating the link. When customers open the link and purchase products from Amazon, they earn a commission, usually around 5%.

5. Shopify Dropshipping

Shopify dropshipping is one of the best ways to earn with a small investment. Shopify is a software as a service (saas) platform. It is an online e-commerce marketplace that allows individuals or businesses to create a store. You can earn a margin between suppliers and the customer’s selling price.

6. Click Bank

Click bank is an affiliate network, and it’s got a lot of many offers and various kinds of niches. You can sign up for free, create an account, and then go to the affiliate platform, where you can take products you like promoting.

Whenever someone registers for the product with your affiliate link, you earn a commission if they purchase the service or item.

7. Flippa

Flippa is an online platform for selling and purchasing websites or e-commerce businesses. There are various ways that you can make money or assets on this website.

The first technique to make money on flippa is by designing a website from scratch and then selling it on Flippa. The second way you can make money on flippa is by buying a website at a low price, upgrading and improving it, and then selling it at a higher price.

8. Etsy

You may have heard about it or seen it. But you have never used it. Etsy is a marketplace for handicraft products, such as homemade gifts. If you like crafting, create an account and start selling your products. Here, people sell items like friendship bracelets, bowls, and homemade arts and make a lot of money. You can make up to 1000$ by selling craftwork on Etsy.

9. Udemy

Udemy is another online platform where you can earn 100$ per day. Udemy is like an online tutor marketplace where you can upload training courses in which you are an expert. And then people are going to buy them from you. This platform is for everyone who starts and can’t afford ads; they don’t have any following. How you can start, create your course and upload it here. Because this platform gets a lot of traffic and will also market for you, it is possible to make a lot of sales without having to do a lot of marketing.

10. Maxbounty

Maxbounty is a CPA Network acronym for cost per action, and it is like an affiliate network. Still, they pay you out rather than a traditional affiliate network that pays you out whenever someone purchases your link with maxbounty.

There are various offers here, in different niches, and most of the offers mostly require someone to enter an email address. If you share that offer with people and get a registration lead, maxbounty will pay you between 1$ and 3$ even more. This website is awesome, and you can earn a lot from it. You can make a massive amount of money 1$ to 100$ per day if you focus on it.

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